Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Step 1
Heat oil to 450F or as high as possible

Step 2
Wrap hot dogs in bacon

With these particular dogs, I wanted to add some cheese. I split the dogs, and stuffed them with slices of sharp cheddar.

Next, we have to wrap the dogs. To do this, I use 2 slices of bacon per hot dog. Make sure to have adequate bacon at the tip of the hot dog, and spiral the hot dog downwards, tucking the ends into the wrapped spiral, so that the hot dog is wrapped in a cohesive bacon shell. I don't do the best job of this in these photos, but you will get better with time, and can probably figure out the proper/best way to tuck and fold the bacon after a few tries.

Step 3
Fry the dogs

This process is easy, and usually takes about 3 minutes. The hot dogs are pre-cooked, so the process is really just cooking the bacon. You should be able to tell when the bacon is cooked thuroughly- when it is, remove the hot dogs from the oil, and place on the bun.

Don't they look spectacular? Usually I like to toast the buns. Experiment.

I imagine this hot dog had a similar experience to one of the crew members of Nostromo.

I only approve of Coca Cola as the accompanying beverage. Or beer.

(also, don't confuse the shadow with burning- this dog came out perfect)

Step 4
Add toppings

There are many great things you can put on top of your dog. Chili, bacon, kim chi, scrambled or fried eggs, cheddar cheese. Today I use simple cheddar cheese on top of the bacon dogs.

Step 5

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